Road Surfacing


Road Surfacing in South Wales

We provide high quality commercial and domestic road surfacing across Wales and South West England, our extensive services are tailored to your needs and your budget. We specialise in tarmac road surfacing and our team of experts will work with you to ensure the best possible results based on your designs. We can accommodate any size job with a team of experienced surfacers with over 80 years of experience to quickly and efficiently complete your project within budget and timescale, ensuring it is fit for use for years to come.

Are you interested in any of the domestic or commercial services that we provide and would like further information or a quote?
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Road Re-surfacing & Repairs

We can resurface roads any time of the year. We perform all surfacing with high-quality tarmac which will be laid by a team of professional workers that have the knowledge and experience to complete the job on time. Tarmac is highly durable with a life of at least 40 years with regular maintenance. There’s no job too big or too small for our team.

Experienced Road SurfacING Contractors

We have hand-operated, heavy and driven machinery and equipment to take on all road surfacing and resurfacing works, from a small domestic driveway to large scale commercial or highway-based resurfacing. Our team of expert surfacers have over 80 years of experience in the industry and the local areas with the ability to work quickly and efficiently to ensure your road or driveway is ready for use as fast as possible.

How we can help

All our workers are qualified to a high standard of work and have experience of working on both domestic and commercial sites. All our plant is serviced and within the HSE requirements for keeping your plant safe on site. For information on prices and availability please call the office or email us.