Plant Hire


Plant hire in Wales & South-West England

We provide high quality services in and around Wales and the South of England. These services include commercial and domestic road surfacing, repairs, and plant hire. Our extensive services are tailored to your needs and your budget. We are an expert team who not only carry out the work, but we also hire out the specific machinery for your job and the staff to operate it and complete your work.

We can accommodate any size job with a team of experienced tradesman with over 80 years of experience to quickly and efficiently complete your project within budget and timescale, ensuring it is fit for use for many years to come.

Equipment For Hire


JD Tarmac are now offering the opportunity to hire a professional hotbox.

This 13-tonne hotbox is perfect for the transport and distribution of tarmac. This makes it ideal for resurfacing both commercial and domestic areas such as roads and driveways.

The hotbox is 13-tonne is both strong and durable.

We also have a 3 Tonne hotbox, 10Tonne flatbed lorry, 20Tonne insulated lorry and beavertail lorry so please don’t hesitate to get in touch to learn more.

This towable hotbox is available to hire for a daily rate of £100 + VAT.

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Asphalt Midi-Paver

Also on offer for hire is an Asphalt Midi-Paver.

This piece of construction equipment is often used in road
construction and maintenance. Especially when laying tarmac for roads or

Its name ‘midi’ refers to the size of this particular equipment’s
size making this the perfect for roads that are narrower. They are also good for roads that have more intricate designs.


They are used for the transportation of tarmac mix from the
delivery truck to the spreading area. They are great for levelling and
compacting the material. The features for adjusting the width and thickness of the tarmac being laid. This allows flexibility in the road construction.

 The price for hiring this piece of machinery is £704 + VAT per day with a Driver.

Without a Driver is £495 + VAT per day

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Spray Tanker

Spray Tankers are another specialised piece of machinery
available for hire from JD Tarmac.

These machines are a useful piece of equipment primarily
used for the application of various materials such as emulsions, bitumen, and
tarmac. These vehicles are pivotal in the creation of roads and road surfacing.
The maintenance of road surfaces need these vehicles to ensure the lifespan.

These tankers evenly spread materials over the road,
therefore improving their grip and skid resistance.

This spray tanker can hold up to 3000 litres of polybond-50.


The purpose of a spray tanker can vary with tankers designed
for different construction and maintenance tasks. 

To hire this tank sprayer would cost £620 + VAT per Day

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JD Tarmac are proud to be offering the Bobcat for hire.

A Bobcat refers to a skid-steer compact construction vehicle commonly used for various tasks on construction sites. They are designed for agility and efficiency, especially in tight spaces.

Bobcats are often seen with different attachments added to the vehicle so it can perform different tasks within road construction such as:

  • Excavation
  • Grading
  • Paving Preparation
  • Material Handling
  • Clearing and Debris

The versatility makes this machine a valuable piece of equipment and with the ability to perform a variety of tasks they can make the building and maintenance of roads easier.

We not only offer the machine for hire, but also we provide an operative to work it for you. 

The price for hiring a bobcat, Kit, and Operative comes to £250 + VAT Per Day

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How we can help

All our workers are qualified to a high standard of work and have experience of working on both domestic and commercial sites. All our plant is serviced and within the HSE requirements for keeping your plant safe on site. For information on prices and availability please call the office or email us.

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If you are interested in hiring specialist equipment or any of our other services, don't hesitate to get in touch today! One of our specialist, helpful, and friendly team members are always on hand to answer your call and discuss your project. We can also offer our expertise and advice to help you choose the correct equipment to hire for the work you require to be completed.
Since our company was established, we have built up a great reputation with our clients, through hard work, reliability, and excellent customer service. From the first point of contact to the completion of the project, you are our priority. We like to ensure you are 100% satisfied with our service. We pride ourselves on delivering high-quality service for our customers so if you aren't happy, neither are we.