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As leading hard surfacing specialists, we can give you free & impartial advice on how to upgrade your driveway & walkways. Our quotes are free and involve a specialist visit to your property to not only give you a bespoke quote but to advise on the many different options available to you, the different types of upkeep required for each hard surfacing and if needed multiple quotes for each type of heard surfacing you would like.

On invoice you will be given a 12 month guarantee that covers all works. Meaning that if you have any issue, we will come out to rectify it to the best of our means and as quickly as possible. By giving you, this guarantee we want you to be happy with our works so that you have the perfect driveway/walkway for your needs.

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What are the Benefits of Tarmac Driveways?

The use of tarmac as a surfacing method for driveways has become increasingly popular throughout the UK. It is popular for more than just driveways, commercial properties also use this for carparks as it can handle the heavy weight of traffic. There is a multitude of benefits that come with the use of tarmac. These include:

• Durability – Tarmac is one of the most durable materials you can find on the market. It can withstand heavy use from cars and pedestrians alongside unpredictable weather conditions. Compared to other materials used for the surfacing of driveways, tarmac is less prone to cracks and potholes.

• Weather resistance – Tarmac driveways offer the ultimate protection against the UK’s unpredictable climate. From extreme rain and wind to the unbearable snow, ice, and hale. It can withstand all weather conditions and it also doesn’t soften in extreme heat making it a great choice.

• Quick Installation – The quick installation means there is less disruption to your everyday life and a faster turnaround.

• Cost-Effective – Compared to block paving or natural stone, tarmac is often more cost-effective. This is why it has become popular as it is a budget-friendly option for homeowners looking to raise their overall appearance, without breaking the bank.

• Low Maintenance – There is not a lot to do with regard to maintenance on tarmac driveways. Occasional cleaning, sweeping, and minimal upkeep. This helps maintain their appearance whilst extending their lifespan.

• Smooth Surface – A smooth and even surface occurs every time with tarmac. This is particularly beneficial when it comes to those with young families using the driveway for play or mobility issues.

• Aesthetically Pleasing – The visual appeal of a property can be dramatically enhanced. The sleek, black surface can complement various styles and it looks incredibly neat and tidy.

• Versatility – Tarmac is incredibly flexible and can be adapted to a wide variety of styles. It’s not just for driveways, it can be used for pathways, car parks, and roadways. This emphasises the versatility of tarmac.

• Environmentally Friendly – Tarmac is a recyclable material. When the tarmac is replaced or repaired, the material that has been replaced can easily be recycled. It can even be reused in new projects. This therefore reduces the overall environmental impact.

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All our workers are qualified to a high standard of work and have experience of working on both domestic and commercial sites. All our plant is serviced and within the HSE requirements for keeping your plant safe on site. For information on prices and availability please call the office or email us.

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